SwarmSales Customer Spotlight: Park My Cloud

Hard to believe that we launched the marketplace only 3 months ago. Since then we’ve  on-boarded several companies and have launched multiple campaigns that are getting several bids from sales professionals within moments of creating them. That is the true power of the Swarmsales marketplace; connecting top-tier sales professionals and disruptive companies and making deals happen.

Here’s a closer look at how one company is successfully using SwarmSales today.  

Company Name: Park My Cloud

Area: AWS Cloud

Target Clients: Any client using AWS

Deal Cycle: 1-2 Months

Interview with Jay Chapel, CEO

Park My Cloud is a simple web app to quickly schedule start/stop times for idle AWS EC2 instances. The company  is a year old, and we have big brands using it already.  We were looking to accelerate sales in multiple countries, Swarmsales seemed like the perfect fit. We and the SwarmSales team understand the importance of a sales person and their relationships at certain accounts.  So in no time, we got set up on Swarmsales and received 40+ bids from highly qualified sales professionals at the target accounts we were looking to get into.

Creating Park My Cloud’s profile on Swarmsales was easy. It is pretty straightforward to upload product information and post a campaign. Once you post a campaign, sales professionals start to bid on your campaign. Pair that with the amazing customer support provided by the Swarmsales Customer Success team and you have a lot of amazingness happening.

It’s been 4 weeks and we are in proof of concept phase with one of the key enterprise accounts.

Park My Cloud continues to be one of the top trending companies on the Swarmsales marketplace and as more and more top-tier sales professionals are on boarded they too can create bids back to Park My Cloud and unleash their uncapped earning potential.

Interested in getting Park My Cloud into one of your target accounts? Jump on www.swarmsales.com