May the (Sales-as-a-Service) Force Be with You

Swarmsales is the 21st century sales platform designed to bring top sales professionals together with businesses that realize the importance of performance goals and cost-efficient growth. Whether your business is a startup or an existing business that is underperforming and not living up to its full potential, Swarmsales could well be the first real solution to lagging sales and that underperforming growth.

Sales professionals on the Swarmsales marketplace are motivated because they can pair their contacts with decision makers to work in a four-step selling structure that leads to earnings every step of the way and to solid commissions when deals are closed. Under this program, the business pays the sales professional a milestone payout when each of four milestones is completed. When a final contract is signed, a commission is paid out as well.

The four milestones are:
• Introduction
• Demo
• Pilot
• Close

Why Swarmsales Works

Swarmsales works because all parties win with a good sales effort that moves faster and begins with trusted contacts. The selling company wins because this is the most cost-efficient way to create more sales and grow their business. The salesperson wins because their earning potential is unlimited and they make more commission from existing contacts. If they are a true sales professional, this is the way they want to work; receiving pay for each milestone and a solid commission when the deal is made.

Professional salespersons build expansive networks. The most successful salespeople are talking, listening and exchanging contact information at every opportunity. With Swarmsales, every contact in the salesperson’s network is now a potential sale. The sales professional can represent numerous products across numerous industries. Any contact in the network can lead to a sale and each time the salesperson completes an introduction, performs a demo, sets up a pilot and closes a deal, money is earned. If the sales professional does not perform, the hiring company bears no expense. Let that sink in for a moment; no recruiting, training, or waiting for ramp up while you’re paying salaries.

This is the perfect structure for the successful, motivated salesperson. If Swarmsales sales professionals produce, their earnings potential is unlimited. And they benefit from diverse product lines that can open doors to more and more decision makers. This is sales professional heaven! That is why Swarmsales works. Everybody wins. Businesses grow when salespeople meet their milestones and close sales. Sales professionals win when they introduce and sell products to buyers. Sales professionals have no earning caps. The more they sell, the more they earn.

Sales and the Business Model

Every business has a business model. Great products are the essence of business but without sales, even companies with the greatest products will fail. Sales campaigns succeed when good products, solid marketing strategies, and experienced sales professionals come together.

When businesses are going well, we are busy and can stray from our business model. With Swarmsales, the company’s sales campaign is around the clock, around the globe and always advancing. Sure, marketing is a big plus, but without closers, deals do not get made. The sales professional who knows how to introduce your brand and your products, can demo your product to perfection, and can execute the perfect pilot will close sales. They will do all this and make a good living in the process. That is what Swarmsales’ global sales professionals do every day.

With this type of sales marketplace, the entrepreneur can plan effective marketing to support professional salespeople that know how to get products out of the shop and to consumers. Once you join Swarmsales, your business model will come to life because your company will be hitting on all cylinders. Sales will come through the door every day. Production will be moving, goods will be shipping and your employees will buzz with activity. Your business model will be performing and growth will be real.

Swarmsales Means Opportunities for Sales Professionals

If you are a sales professional, Swarmsales is the opportunity you dream about. You are your own boss. You work whenever you want and have a broad number of products to sell. Every lead is a potential buyer. Every time you introduce a company and its products to a decision maker, you earn a fee. Every time you demo a product or product line, you earn money. Every time you get a buyer to try a product for a period of time through a pilot program, you earn a fee. And, every time you close a deal you make a commission.

As an independent Swarmsales professional, you have the freedom you want, products you can sell and unlimited earning potential. This is one exciting sales platform with all the support you need to keep making new and repeat sales. Your earning potential is as vast as your work ethic allows.

Keep expanding your contact list, exchanging information and farming your territories but wherever you are, you are likely to have a product in your inventory that someone wants to buy. Introduce it. Demo it! Create a pilot program and close the deal. Then, watch the money roll in as you and the business owner toast your success. Did you ever believe such a diverse sales job could come your way? Wherever you reside or wherever your sales territory is located, Swarmsales should be your first call today!

Whether you are an existing business owner, a startup owner or a professional salesperson, learn why Swarmsales is the most effective way to grow a business through sales in the 21st century. This is truly an ingenious way to prosper. Seize the opportunity today!

Article Published by Patricia Johnston from Newzlet for Swarmsales, Inc.