How Swarmsales is Setting Sales Professionals Free

The much needed change in the sales industry is here, and no it’s not another CRM. Thank god! What I mean by that is there is a recreation taking place and it’s centered around identifying the sales gods – the badass quota-killing sellers who are above the rest. The sellers who change mindsets, who disrupt the normal, and who build companies by bringing in key deals. This revolution is focused on driving a social change and boy, is it disrupting the sales profession as we know it.

How do I know? Because we at Swarmsales are leading it. Welcome to our movement. It is fundamentally focused on driving the change that the sales profession so badly needs. As a leader in this disruption, my motivation is the sales professionals, the resellers, the channel partners, and account managers. So, how did we build the driving force of sales disruption? We started with a unified belief; top-tier sales professionals are rarely given the opportunity to truly own their contacts and fully monetize them.

The Territory Changes

One of the most frustrating things that I experienced all throughout my career was the constant reshuffling of territories. While it is a necessary evil to allow all reps a fair chance at achieving quota, it has some serious implications for the sales professional and for the companies they sell to.

Relationships are constantly being broken and intimate knowledge about the account is being lost. The ever revolving door of sales professionals assigned to be your new rep is never received as a positive by the end customer. I’ve been on the other side of those meetings, and I can honestly tell you companies look at change as a way of wasting their valuable time. When knowledge transfer should have taken place internally, it is now having to be done in a meeting room with an end client and an eager sales rep. Think about it:  If you are a large organization like eBay, Visa or BOFA and have thousands of vendors, how much time is being wasted during that process? When time is a precious commodity, an organization can’t afford to support restructuring constantly.

That’s why we believe in the movement we are building around creating account experts and rewarding them for being the best. Today if you have intimate knowledge about accounts, hold key relationships with them, and are seen as a trusted advisor – we want to remove your proverbial handcuffs. We want to increase the opportunity to solve your customer’s pain point and get paid well to do it. We want to give you access to the best companies and solutions. We are creating dedicated account managers – client executives who have established themselves as owners of accounts in their domain expertise and who have become the dedicated facilitators for existing or new solutions.

Limited Portfolio of Product

Today sellers are restricted based on their limited portfolios of products. However, the relationships these sellers have are priceless. Traditionally, sales reps will reach out to their accounts in the second or third week of January to gain a better understanding of what initiatives were funded and what the priorities for the fiscal year are (go do this if you weren’t already planning to do so). But here in lies the fundamental challenge; most clients will share a laundry list of initiatives that they are focused on, but sellers will be limited to the products in your bag. Remember, there is a reason your client is mentioning all these initiatives to you – they are looking for a partner who can help identify solutions for as many of these priorities as possible.

I was speaking with a good friend of mine, Ben, and I asked him what was the biggest limitation in selling his company’s product. His response was so obvious. He said, “When I sit in front of a CIO or an executive and they share with me all their initiatives around cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security, it frustrates me that I can only address one of those areas. I wish I could come back with recommendations across the board, and represent a best of breed technology stack ”

Thanks to SwarwmSales, the era is here where Ben and sellers alike will have access to a centralized platform where they can source some of the best companies with LOBs sourced globally from some of the best venture capitalists or industry recommendations.

These two philosophies are the main drivers and motivation for us to continue driving the SwarmSales movement forward. They are integral in our desire to make it the place for great sellers, and great companies to connect and sell. So, on January 15th when you ask your economic buyers, champions, and decision makers what their top priorities and funded initiatives are for the year; go confidently forward and log in to knowing you can bring them the solutions.