Just Added: Cybric and Quixxi

We are excited to announce that we on-boarded two new companies to assist with your client’s security needs. Introducing Cybric and Quixxi, now actively selling on the Swarmsales Marketplace!

Cybric – Security-as-a-Service.  Cybric delivers the only continuous security-as-a-service platform that enables enterprises to integrate security into the application delivery process without impacting the production environment. Instead of taking a reactionary, defensive stance, often scanning environments just twice a year as required by industry regulators, security teams can scan as often as needed as they battle fierce cyberattacks and breaches.  Focus: healthcare, financial services, and enterprise and MSP channels.

Are you a sales professional on the Swarmsales marketplace and want to engage Cybric? Login and access their campaign here.

Quixxi – Security for Mobile Apps – Quixxi allows companies to rapidly assess and deploy a security framework for IOT or MOBILE APPS. Their best play is for any company that has launched a mobile application where sensitive data is exchanged.

SECURITY:  Identify vulnerabilities and protect your app.
CONTROL: Monitor, manage and enhance your app & connect with users.
MARKET: Accelerate development of your app or commercialize your code.

Focus: mobile application development, mobile security.

Swarmsales Team