Swarmsales Adds Two New Companies to the Marketplace!

We are excited to announce that Goombal and Visual BI has joined the SwarmSales Marketplace!

Goombal is unique in the sense that there is no single solution today that allows CMO’s, Event Planners, Project Managers or even CFO’s to track, manage, and justify ROI on large events through a single control and management pane. Goombal does just that!

Goombal is a Cloud + Mobile solution platform focused on the needs of corporate event marketers and the broader marketing and sales teams. Goombal integrates with a number of 3rd party CRM and Registration applications to provide comprehensive visibility, reports, and analysis.

Have customers that use SAP but frustrated with multiple Business Intelligence tools?  Need the data now?  Visual BI solves these problems!  Their SAP certified extension allows firms to maximize their SAP Business Objects Investments, alleviates the frustration of working with multiple BI tools, siloed data, and the delay of “I’ll get back to you.”  They allow data consumption on any device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) enabling businesses to run smarter and faster.