Discovering Solutions to Sell on Swarmsales

One of the most challenging thing sales professionals face when first getting onto the Swarmsales platform is learning about all the companies and their products in order to determine what to sell. With over 100 active companies on the platform, this can become a truly daunting task.

Here are some main features on the platform to help ease the burden:

Universal Search Bar

Using the universal search bar at the top of the swarmsales application window is the simplest and most powerful way to search information. From the search bar, you can find:

Company Products
Company Sales Campaigns

Simply enter any search term of interest. You can enter things such as:

Company or Product Name
Industry or Vertical
Geographic Location
Desired Target Accounts
Company Departments to Target (e.g. IT, Finance, HR)

Future enhancements to the search bar will include better matching with spelling errors, matching based on word synonyms, and suggesting related search terms.

Company Directory

The company directory allows you to browse the entire Active Company list. Much like browsing books in a bookstore, this is is a great way to discover information on companies without necessarily having a specific goal in mind. Besides the company name, logo, website, and basic tagline, the company directory also lists:

Typical Deal Sizes
Company Tag words
Commission Rates
Target Accounts

Future enhancements coming soon to this part of the service include the ability to sort and filter companies based on deal size, tag words, target accounts, etc.

Recommended Campaigns

In the recommended campaigns section of the website, you will find sales campaigns ordered by which we think are most relevant to you based on your profile. In many cases, we outline the reason why we have recommended a campaign to you as well such as; your account relationships, work history, or expertise. I suggest browsing through all the campaigns in the other in which they are recommended to get a feel what Swarmsales has to offer.

We will soon be providing more accurate recommendations based on actual activity on the platform as well as the ability to vote whether or not the campaign is a good match for you.

In summary, Swarmsales provides several different ways to search and discover what to sell and the capabilities of the platform will soon get better at this. We realize this is a big challenge to getting started, but we hope you take time to learn more about all the great companies, products and services we have to offer. Happy selling!

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