How to Land Your First Fortune 500 Client

For growing businesses, landing a Fortune 500 client is the holy grail of sales. It’s the attention-grabbing deal that will show other enterprises you can deliver at scale and will mark you out as an important player in your industry. In addition to the benefits to your business’s bank balance, you will also see a boost to your reputation – and other orders will follow.

The problem is, landing a Fortune 500 client is hard.

Unless your product is a one-of-a-kind, unique solution to your customer’s problem, you’ll be facing stiff competition for your prospect’s attention. The good news is, your competitors won’t be using all of the strategies we’ve outlined below:

Getting Attention in a Crowded Market

You’re not selling to a business; you’re selling to a person. Any sale starts with finding out about the individual decision makers at the prospect so that you can start marketing directly to them. It’s unlikely your prospect is going to call you, so you’re going to have to reach out and introduce yourself. One of the easiest and best ways to do that is to send them something by mail, then follow-up with a call. So far, so simple – but most businesses don’t get it right. Here’s what you should be doing:

Getting Your Mail Opened – Hand address the envelope, use real stamps (and put them on wonky), and add a short personal message on the front. Adding in something physical to make it lumpy may also help. The idea is you want it to look personal so that it will get past their secretary.

Follow Up With a Call – Try calling at odd hours. Executives often work long hours, but their secretaries might not – call before 9 am or after 5pm, and they might be answering their own phone.

Rinse & Repeat – The biggest mistake your competitors make is that they give up. You’re going to send something fresh and follow it up with a call every single month, until you land the client. Eventually they’ll take your call, even if it’s just because they respect your resilience, determination, and enthusiasm.

Give Them Something New

Your competitors are also sending out mail, making calls, and speaking to your prospects at trade shows. If you want to stand out, then every marketing tactic you use should offer your prospect something new – either new information, new experiences, or both.

Attracting clients with fresh information

Most executives are sick of being sold to. Your marketing communications should establish your expertise by providing fresh insights, relevant data and statistics, and actionable information. And once you’ve got them on the phone? Surprise them with more value and ask them for an opportunity to present your information in person. The less conspicuous you are in your attempt to persuade them, the better. Instead, focus on providing value.

Grabbing attention with fresh experiences

Digital is great, but it’s still physical experiences that really grab people’s attention and cause them to share. If you’re going to a trade show you might want to consider using the latest technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality to create a unique and unforgettable experience your prospects will associate with your brand.

Hacking Your Way to A Great Sales Team

Most businesses grow slowly but steadily over many years, slowing hiring a larger sales team and acquiring bigger clients. It works, but it’s slow; it takes time to build relationships with Fortune 500 companies. But why wait? Using Swarmsales, businesses are connecting with seasoned sales professionals who can personally introduce them to their target account. By leveraging these existing relationships, businesses can avoid the huge investment in time and money that would otherwise be required to get to that point.

With an introduction from a top-tier sales professional, even small businesses have an opportunity to land Fortune 500 clients. Expand your sales reach by signing up to Swarmsales today.

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