Coming out of college and ever thought about becoming a freelancer? Try Enterprise Sales!

Going into sales is not always extremely appealing to millennials that are finishing up their undergraduate careers. Millennials fear that they will get bored of selling the same product over and over again, and going after people in efforts to convince them to buy products/services that the customers don’t need. However, millennials have not taken into consideration or learned about the opportunities of freelancing. Freelancers are self-employed and are not committed to particular employers in the long-term. Instead, freelancers get a chance to work multiple jobs, and they get to choose the companies and projects they work in.

Today, the market for jobs is constantly changing. In fact, over 54% of the U.S. workforce lacks confidence that their jobs will exist in the next 20 years (Edelman Intelligence, 2017). However, freelancers have an advantage. Over 65% of freelancers work to update their skills and keep up with the market changes. In comparison, only 45% of full-time employees do the same. (Edelman Intelligence, 2017).

For this reason, going into sales and freelancing should be extremely appealing to many millennials that are finishing up their undergraduate careers. An even better career as someone coming out of college is going into freelancing within enterprise sales.

Enterprise sales are very different from product/service sales. In product sales, one is selling the same product on an ongoing basis. On the other hand, enterprise sales sell solutions. A sales practice that is strategical and works towards facilitating other enterprises’ problems and everyday operations.

Here are some reasons why you should consider freelancing in enterprise sales:

1.) The ability to utilize your connections

As a student coming out of college, and most importantly as a millennial, we are connected to hundreds of people. With your connections, you can open the door and connect vendors and enterprises and allow them to build a relationship and close a deal. While using your already existing relationships, you will be opening doors for vendors and further grow your network.

2.) Exposure to different industries

Coming out of college you may be interested in sales and freelancing, but you may not know what exact industry you would like to go into. Freelancing in enterprise sales allows you to try different industries and work with multiple vendors and companies. Hence, allowing you to find what industry suits you best.

3.) Sales experience is extremely valuable

As mentioned in the first two points, working with multiple companies furthers your network and your career. With these experiences in multiple enterprises, you learn a lot about what works well in sales, the vendor and enterprise side of a deal, the industry needs, and what companies need help on. This makes you extremely valuable. It allows you to share what you learn with other companies to help them, while also showing them what you are capable of and further advancing your path in enterprise sales.

4.) Quick turnaround for your time

Companies will pay you large sums of money to open doors for them into other sectors by utilizing your already made connections for them. With this, opening the doors and closing deals for the companies usually have a short sale cycle and do not require you to stick to a specific enterprise, allowing you to manage who you work with and for you to decide your turn-around rate with enterprises.

With about half the hours of work, enterprise sales pay as well as the positions of Wall Street Bankers. As a Wall Street Banker, you will find yourself working anywhere from 80-100 hours a week (Wall Street Oasis, 2018). Alternatively, as a freelancer, your pay will be the same with only 40-60 hours per week. These shorter hours are due to the fact that you work directly with corporate clients. Whereas in other sales positions, you are only in front of customers for maybe 2 hours a day.

5.) Diversified Income

With the ability to work in different industries, and hold multiple deals at the same time, your income is diversified. Allowing you to reduce the volatility of your work.

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