Social Media’s Influence

Social media has a massive impact on our daily lives and has allowed us as a civilization to evolve. Through face-to-face connections and posting how we feel, it has connected us in a new and desirable way. As a teenager, I grew up having these technologies at my fingertips and always found myself making the most of them. From taking snapchats with dog filters to the reading humorous twitter tweets, social media has a grand presence, which enlightens all regardless of their age. Its presence also allows us to easily chat with friends when they are not present, which was an unforeseen concept 50 years ago. However, It was not until today that I realized that it was more than just a way to talk to friends and post funny pictures.    


Today, I got to see how social media was used in the business world and how any form of it can go a long way in helping a company. The CEO of Swarmsales, Ankur, invited me to his studio where he was recording his new LinkedIn series known as Founders Unleashed. On his show, he interviews investors and entrepreneurship about their road to success. Together, they outline the common flaws of a company and what steps one should take in order to prevent these. It was a unique idea and I was thankful for the opportunity to join him on the set. I was even allowed to sit in the spotlight. This component of social media allows Ankur a different method towards addressing these fallacies. Founders Unleashed uses broadcasting as one of many forms of advertisement on social media. It gives its viewers insight into the life of an entrepreneur and wouldn’t be possible without social media. However, this was only a microcosm of what social media was truly capable of.


Commercials, websites, apps, and other advertisements are becoming a new development that allows companies to go beyond their common uses. In the past, social media was used to promote your personal self and gain followers for social clout. But now, businesses sought to reinvigorate this basic concept and turn it into a marketing tool. These tools allow a company to broaden their horizons by promoting their products and sell their ideas. Customers are able to directly converse with the executives about anything in the company. Likewise, it allows companies to attract new customers into their domain. Business owners can also adopt past ideals about social media in order to promote themselves. This allows them to have a wider audience and be the company’s mouthpiece. All these different assets are crucial to a company because it allows their influence to expand to all parts of the globe. Without this mechanism, companies would only have word of mouth and could not develop a wide enough fan base to be successful.


As a teenager, being able to see social media evolve has been quite remarkable. I’ve grown up using it as a way to chat with friends and post my childhood adventures. But now, its function has drastically changed and allowed companies to expand their customer database. This tools gives companies a direct pipeline to their customers and grants them the ability to promote their products instantly. It can target individuals free of cost and is highly effective. Businesses around the world are evolving and social media is going to be the driving force behind whether these companies have a large audience backing them. In conclusion, next time I take a selfie or compose a tweet, I will think about the impact that has on my personal brand and how it may also potentially strengthen my professional brand also.


Social media college applications? Why not.


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