The Diversity That Could Go a Long Way

Having a multicultural company has many perks and can lead to many distinct ideas that could ultimately push the company in a positive manner. As my final project, I got the chance to interview some Swarmsales employees about their experiences at the company. I wanted to learn what it was like to be a part of such a company, which has employees of such different backgrounds. Their company has employees based out of California and various countries in South America (Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela). My theory was that the diversity in a company could be difficult to adapt to, but I was wrong.


My first interview was with the SVP of Engineering, Anil Koppisetti. Having an Indian background, yet being stationed in the United States, I was able to gain his insight on what it is like working with some of the other employees in the company. He told me that his experiences with his international Swarmsales employees are easier than one would think. Their native tongues do not interfere with one another and they communicate proficiently in English. Being there from the beginning, Anil has got along with the other employees regardless of their ethnic backgrounds. He told me the culture was different, but it was easy to learn and interpret. All of the Swarmsales employees were easy to understand and had no trouble with each other. It was interesting to see his perspective and how their company managed to have employees working all around the globe.


After interviewing Anil, I had the privilege of interviewing one of the marketing interns, Clementina Cortes. Coming from Venezuela, she was of the unique employees who was based out of a South American country. I asked her how communications and other facets of the company were in her eyes. She discussed how working abroad was honestly not much different than a domestic occupation. Having previously worked in various jobs before Swarmsales, the transition was not difficult and she felt it was quite similar. She, along with Camila Robayo (the Customer Success Manager at Swarmsales), both enjoyed the experience of working with other cultures. Both are proficient in English prior to working at Swarmsales and have had previous jobs. Camila also added that it was different not having someone watching over them and it added a sense of responsibility to their craft. Since all the employees live in different parts of the globe, they were all held accountable for their work and had to work diligently to ensure the success of the company. It was a pleasure talking with them about their experiences and how having such a diverse company has worked out for them.


Finally, I had a chance to interview Kyle Hurst (Customer Success Manager) about us views of the diverse country. He shared similar views with the other employees but has a different background. Originally from California, he now lives in Bueno Aires, Argentina. This may seem like a very different setting, yet Kyle sees no major differences. He works in an office with other Americans and shares a common occupation with many. Due to different time zones, communication was the most difficult part. Although there may be some downsides, the positives for Swarmsales definitely surpass the negatives.    


Interviewing these different employees has allowed me to understand the complexities and benefits of having such a diverse unit of workers. Although many of them are from various backgrounds, they all unite to attain one common goal for the good of the company. Going into the future, I look to be a part of such a group because cultural diversity leads to innovation and new ideas. Next time you work in a group or company in which you are unfamiliar with your partner’s background, get to know them because it could truly push you and your company to the next big thing.


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