What are Targeted B2B Introductions from Swarmsales?

The Problem

Companies of all sizes need to break into accounts. Tenured Enterprise Sales Professionals have developed dozens of trusted relationships. These relationships might be active, or dormant if the sales professional no longer covers those accounts.

The Solution

On Swarmsales, companies create sales campaigns in which they indicate the solutions to sell, target accounts they wish to break into and compensation for the sales pro upon completing a successful targeted intro to a decision maker.

How much does it cost?

Typically companies will pay the sales pro a small retainer in the range of $500/mo for them to invest 5-8 hours sending out emails, making phone calls and getting intro meetings scheduled. An intro consists of a face to face meeting or a conference call brokered by the Swarmsales Sales pro and includes the decision maker at the target account as well as a designated executive at the vendor company to whom the opportunity will be handed off to should there be next steps.

Upon completing an intro, sales pros will collect a payment in the order of $300-500 for achieving that only milestone, and they will hand over the opportunity to the vendor company’s internal sales team or to a business partner to continue progressing the opportunity to closure. If the opportunity is won, an influencer fee in the range of $1000 to $10,000 will be paid out to the sales pro as well.

What is the ROI with Swarmsales?

Check out this spreadsheet and let us know if we need to walk you through it

How do engagements work?

By using Swarmsales, companies can invite sales professionals to broker introductions into accounts and viceversa. Sales professionals can review a vendor company’s sales campaign and could suggest an account they’d like to broker an introduction for. Companies and Sales Pros have the ability to Accept or Decline engagements based on their level of interest.

Is your company looking for targeted introductions to b2b decision makers?

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