Author: Sergio Areiza

Access Innovation’s Webinar Transcript

Access InnovationsĀ is the pioneer and industry leader in making content and information assets easily and automatically discoverable through taxonomy construction and indexing. This is a transcript of their recent webinar for Swarmsales. Karelis: [00:00:05] Hi everyone. Karelis: [00:00:06] Hello and thank you for joining us today. This webinar with Access Innovations. I'm Karelis, part of … Continue reading Access Innovation’s Webinar Transcript

Army Lessons Applied to Sales

As a new writer for this blog, I'll begin my first post by introducing myself. My name is Sergio Areiza, I'm 26 years old, and I recently started working in Business Development with Swarmsales. I'm, also, a recently transitioned military officer and Swarmsales is my first job in Business. At the age of 17, I … Continue reading Army Lessons Applied to Sales