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Swarmsales Now Allows You To Monetize Your Linkedin Network.

Swarmsales Now Allows You To Monetize Your Linkedin Network.



What if I told you the era of Return on Relationships is finally here? Every day we help freelance enterprise sales professionals realize the ability they possess in being able to unlock their own network and increase their own net worth.

However, until recently, we were working to identify these relationships manually. How? By asking sales professionals to input their own data and to identify which accounts they would like to engage the companies on Swarmsales in to.

Well, that changed yesterday. And it moved the needle drastically in our ability to predict, intelligently, which one of your Linkedin relationships is highly monetizable.

“This is what I always imagined Linkedin’s Sales Navigator to do.”


Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up for Swarmsales as a sales professional.
  2. Simply go into your Linkedin Account and extract your archive file (takes 24 hours to get it via email from Linkedin.)
  3. Upload the .zip file into Swarmsales
  4. Our AI algorithms will process your data and allow you to select the most relevant connections, work history, and endorsements.
  5. Companies start matching you and inviting you to submit opportunities.
  6. Start getting paid!

This entire process will take you less than 5 mins to complete. (Please note you must have your archive file prior to initiating this process).

We recently showed to various sales leaders and investors this feature; and as a result, they commented: “WHOA, this is what I always imagined Linkedin’s Sales Navigator to be” said John Faxio, Sales Professional on Swarmsales. “Now I know what my network is worth!” said Karl Woolfenden.

This feature will be widely available in all Swarmsales Sales Professionals profiles by end of June 2018.

Want to see it action? Check it out below.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 8.11.05 AM.png

Search Feature Allows Sales Professionals  to Find Solutions to Sell

Search Feature Allows Sales Professionals to Find Solutions to Sell

Swarmsales has been growing at a very fast pace. I hate to say it but as a startup co-founder, it’s a pretty cool problem to have because it means we’re on-boarding a lot of great companies. One thing that quickly became apparent is that we had to figure out a better way for our Sales Professionals to identify the best products to bring up in a conversation with their accounts. Creating a search feature became a priority and now, it’s also a reality.

Yesterday we rolled out a simple but very powerful search feature within the Swarmsales platform. As soon as the feature was live, I started seeing immediate benefits for our sales professionals. One conversation in particular was on a call with a sales professional, Steve O., who coordinated a call with the CIO of a large west coast healthcare payer/provider that had just gone through a data breach very recently. Steve asked this CIO about top of mind business priorities and sure enough Data Loss Prevention and Security in general were some of the things that have kept him up at night recently. As soon as this CIO mentioned these topics, I suggested that Steve (via text message) run a search with our new feature for those two topics and multiple results populated immediately.

Thanks to the search feature, Steve was able to speak about the following solutions as it relates to this healthcare organization’s challenges:

EXO5 ( a cloud solution for protection of mobile devices against theft. Ghangor Cloud ( DLP Solution to enforce compliance and avoid data breaches. Cybric ( Continuous Security-as-a-Service platform. WootCloud ( Securing the Internet of Things.

His next step was to send out a summary of each of these companies’ value proposition and coordinate with the CIO for one or a few of these companies to come in to meet to talk about how they would drive value for this organization. We can’t wait to tell you about how fast Steve will close a deal at this account!

Here’s a quick summary of how the “Search Swarmsales” functionality works for our Sales Professionals and Vendor Companies on the platform:

This new feature will be enabled for users to search with any text entered in the search bar in their dashboard.

1. Companies can search their campaigns and the opportunities submitted to them via bids to find sales professionals, sales teams, sales professionals with specific expertise, sales professionals work history and relationship contacts.

• Companies can search the Sales professionals on our platform and find those that match the attributes that a company is looking for.
• Navigate to the specific campaigns or opportunities easily instead of scrolling through our application.

2. Sales professionals can search for companies, products, the campaigns or their own bids.

• Sales Professionals can quickly identify vendor companies on our platform that provide solutions that are a fit based on their accounts business problems.
• Navigate to specific opportunities and interact with the company executives in order to get the sales support they need to progress an opportunity.

Swarmsales Adds Two New Companies to the Marketplace!

Swarmsales Adds Two New Companies to the Marketplace!

We are excited to announce that Goombal and Visual BI has joined the SwarmSales Marketplace!

Goombal is unique in the sense that there is no single solution today that allows CMO’s, Event Planners, Project Managers or even CFO’s to track, manage, and justify ROI on large events through a single control and management pane. Goombal does just that!

Goombal is a Cloud + Mobile solution platform focused on the needs of corporate event marketers and the broader marketing and sales teams. Goombal integrates with a number of 3rd party CRM and Registration applications to provide comprehensive visibility, reports, and analysis.

Have customers that use SAP but frustrated with multiple Business Intelligence tools?  Need the data now?  Visual BI solves these problems!  Their SAP certified extension allows firms to maximize their SAP Business Objects Investments, alleviates the frustration of working with multiple BI tools, siloed data, and the delay of “I’ll get back to you.”  They allow data consumption on any device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) enabling businesses to run smarter and faster.

Just Added: Cybric and Quixxi

Just Added: Cybric and Quixxi

We are excited to announce that we on-boarded two new companies to assist with your client’s security needs. Introducing Cybric and Quixxi, now actively selling on the Swarmsales Marketplace!

Cybric – Security-as-a-Service.  Cybric delivers the only continuous security-as-a-service platform that enables enterprises to integrate security into the application delivery process without impacting the production environment. Instead of taking a reactionary, defensive stance, often scanning environments just twice a year as required by industry regulators, security teams can scan as often as needed as they battle fierce cyberattacks and breaches.  Focus: healthcare, financial services, and enterprise and MSP channels.

Are you a sales professional on the Swarmsales marketplace and want to engage Cybric? Login and access their campaign here.

Quixxi – Security for Mobile Apps – Quixxi allows companies to rapidly assess and deploy a security framework for IOT or MOBILE APPS. Their best play is for any company that has launched a mobile application where sensitive data is exchanged.

SECURITY:  Identify vulnerabilities and protect your app.
CONTROL: Monitor, manage and enhance your app & connect with users.
MARKET: Accelerate development of your app or commercialize your code.

Focus: mobile application development, mobile security.

Swarmsales Team