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Social Media’s Influence

Social Media’s Influence

Social media has a massive impact on our daily lives and has allowed us as a civilization to evolve. Through face-to-face connections and posting how we feel, it has connected us in a new and desirable way. As a teenager, I grew up having these technologies at my fingertips and always found myself making the most of them. From taking snapchats with dog filters to the reading humorous twitter tweets, social media has a grand presence, which enlightens all regardless of their age. Its presence also allows us to easily chat with friends when they are not present, which was an unforeseen concept 50 years ago. However, It was not until today that I realized that it was more than just a way to talk to friends and post funny pictures.    


Today, I got to see how social media was used in the business world and how any form of it can go a long way in helping a company. The CEO of Swarmsales, Ankur, invited me to his studio where he was recording his new LinkedIn series known as Founders Unleashed. On his show, he interviews investors and entrepreneurship about their road to success. Together, they outline the common flaws of a company and what steps one should take in order to prevent these. It was a unique idea and I was thankful for the opportunity to join him on the set. I was even allowed to sit in the spotlight. This component of social media allows Ankur a different method towards addressing these fallacies. Founders Unleashed uses broadcasting as one of many forms of advertisement on social media. It gives its viewers insight into the life of an entrepreneur and wouldn’t be possible without social media. However, this was only a microcosm of what social media was truly capable of.


Commercials, websites, apps, and other advertisements are becoming a new development that allows companies to go beyond their common uses. In the past, social media was used to promote your personal self and gain followers for social clout. But now, businesses sought to reinvigorate this basic concept and turn it into a marketing tool. These tools allow a company to broaden their horizons by promoting their products and sell their ideas. Customers are able to directly converse with the executives about anything in the company. Likewise, it allows companies to attract new customers into their domain. Business owners can also adopt past ideals about social media in order to promote themselves. This allows them to have a wider audience and be the company’s mouthpiece. All these different assets are crucial to a company because it allows their influence to expand to all parts of the globe. Without this mechanism, companies would only have word of mouth and could not develop a wide enough fan base to be successful.


As a teenager, being able to see social media evolve has been quite remarkable. I’ve grown up using it as a way to chat with friends and post my childhood adventures. But now, its function has drastically changed and allowed companies to expand their customer database. This tools gives companies a direct pipeline to their customers and grants them the ability to promote their products instantly. It can target individuals free of cost and is highly effective. Businesses around the world are evolving and social media is going to be the driving force behind whether these companies have a large audience backing them. In conclusion, next time I take a selfie or compose a tweet, I will think about the impact that has on my personal brand and how it may also potentially strengthen my professional brand also.


Social media college applications? Why not.


Pitch Fridays

Pitch Fridays

The founder of Swarmsales Ankur invited me to join him in an event called Friday Pitch Day. It was located at a venue called Plug and Play in Silicon Valley. Coming from Cincinnati, I had never experienced this nor even heard of it. I was excited for the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture of an entrepreneur. When first arriving in Silicon Valley, I was amazed by the amount of I.T. and technology companies there were in such a condensed area. This was especially new for me because I’ve never been surrounded by so many startups and ideas at once.

When I entered Plug and Play, it was quite overwhelming. There were hundreds of people discussing their businesses and getting input from their peers. It was extraordinary to see how many different countries were represented and how different their ideas were. The event was essentially a 2 hour time where the individual’s goal was to promote their company and request funds or awareness from their audience. Ankur was also one of the CEOs who was presenting his startup to the audience. The idea of it sounded very unique and reminded me a lot of a commercial.

A few startups that sparked my interest were VideoMyJob, Resonado, and Sudu. VideoMyJob was a company which specialized in designing branded video job ads using a smartphone. Resonado is a company that revolutionizes the audio industry with its patented speaker technology. Finally, Sudu is a company that offers an end-to-end platform that matches shippers and carriers based upon route optimization.

The reasons why they were interesting was because they showcased very different problems and a reasonable solution to them. Their pitches grabbed the attention of their audience and proved that their idea was a viable solution to their problem. They also portrayed themselves very professionally and were able to handle criticism when questioned about their product. After hearing some of their pitches, I had learned many of the assets required to correctly pitch a product.  This allowed me to learn some of the key techniques for persuading my audience and grabbing their attention. It also taught me ways to professionally demonstrate my idea, while making sure I’m not coming off as cocky or demanding. What amazed me, even more, was that this event was a weekly arrangement. It showed me that there was a world of ideas and startups that could solve any problem.

The event showcased many different fields and interests from various startups around the world. It featured up and coming startups as well as established companies who sought more attention. The audience consisted of investors and critiquers who sought to question the presenter and give feedback on their demonstration. After all the companies had pitched, they were judged by a panel of people in the audience. Then, everyone in the room shared a meal and discussed their companies privately with those in the room who were interested.  

It was interesting to see how one pitches their company and what were the most effective ways of doing so. Some individuals demonstrated their companies by using videos and others used product demonstration. The most intriguing thing was to see the different components of a pitch. Most were similar in that they all addressed a problem and tried to solve it through their product. Their presentations included business models, competition awareness, projections, sales, revenue, and much more. However, I learned one must be concise in a pitch because it is typically only 4-5 minutes long. Once the pitches had concluded, it was neat to be able to talk with some of the presenters and get their advice and insight into their origins. This was a time where people are able to make potential deals or just chat about anything business related. I was able to get advice from some of the people who were pitching on what are the main ideas when promoting a company in such a brief time period.


Some of the tips I had learned on how one should perform a pitch in such a finite amount of time include

  • Do not show videos while presenting because it distracts the audience from the presenter.
  • Be aware of the competition and be different
  • Be brief in your demonstration, but effective in your point.
  • Showing your product and backing it up with numbers makes your presentation more effective
  • Be able to take criticism with a grain of salt because no product or idea is perfect. There is always going to be someone who denies the validation of your product, so you need to be able to change or address their complaints.


Overall, it was a thrilling experience and one I would love to participate in later in the future. Being from Cincinnati, it really opened my eyes to the field of entrepreneurship and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. The various startups handled their respective problems in unique ways and it made it more interesting to see the backgrounds of how they did it. It also allowed me to understand how to pitch my own startup and how I should appropriately go about doing so. Furthermore, I was able to meet different individuals from around the world who specialized in different areas of interest. Coming out to Silicon Valley has been an amazing experience and has lit the entrepreneurial fire in my belly.        


Swarmsales Now Allows You To Monetize Your Linkedin Network.

Swarmsales Now Allows You To Monetize Your Linkedin Network.



What if I told you the era of Return on Relationships is finally here? Every day we help freelance enterprise sales professionals realize the ability they possess in being able to unlock their own network and increase their own net worth.

However, until recently, we were working to identify these relationships manually. How? By asking sales professionals to input their own data and to identify which accounts they would like to engage the companies on Swarmsales in to.

Well, that changed yesterday. And it moved the needle drastically in our ability to predict, intelligently, which one of your Linkedin relationships is highly monetizable.

“This is what I always imagined Linkedin’s Sales Navigator to do.”


Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up for Swarmsales as a sales professional.
  2. Simply go into your Linkedin Account and extract your archive file (takes 24 hours to get it via email from Linkedin.)
  3. Upload the .zip file into Swarmsales
  4. Our AI algorithms will process your data and allow you to select the most relevant connections, work history, and endorsements.
  5. Companies start matching you and inviting you to submit opportunities.
  6. Start getting paid!

This entire process will take you less than 5 mins to complete. (Please note you must have your archive file prior to initiating this process).

We recently showed to various sales leaders and investors this feature; and as a result, they commented: “WHOA, this is what I always imagined Linkedin’s Sales Navigator to be” said John Faxio, Sales Professional on Swarmsales. “Now I know what my network is worth!” said Karl Woolfenden.

This feature will be widely available in all Swarmsales Sales Professionals profiles by end of June 2018.

Want to see it action? Check it out below.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 8.11.05 AM.png

3 Steps to Building Your Own Brand as a Sales Professional

3 Steps to Building Your Own Brand as a Sales Professional

The idea of building your own brand as a sales professional sounds daunting. When one considers that blogs, images, keywords, emails, social posts, and daily commenting will be needed, it sounds like the second job none of us wants. However, it is possible for sales professionals to market themselves without much extra work. That’s good news considering that the demands of the modern B2B sales landscape mean the best in enterprise, B2B and freelance sales will require more than just their core sales skills to get ahead.

To paraphrase Entrepreneur, “every salesperson functions as the CEO of their own business.” The crux of the argument, they argue, is that strong marketing augments the ability to close prospects:

“While perhaps not as do-or-die in real life, arguably sales’ most crucial role, in addition to closing deals, is maintaining an abundant pipeline of leads. To do this, salespeople are constantly acting as their own marketers, even as the marketing department creates leads.” For sales professionals that have been building relationships for a decade or more, the fact is that it’s impossible to keep a one-on-one relationship with each and every contact. The next best thing is to create a brand and build a manageable strategy that allows that brand to stay in front of those contacts.

With that in mind, here are 3 simple steps sales pros can employ to enhance their personal marketing efforts.

1. Lay the Groundwork

The first step to launching any personal sales-enhancing marketing plan is putting it down on paper. There are five main areas of consideration:

Analyze the Situation — List core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to serve as a baseline for assessing future progress.

Define the Target Audience — Every salesperson has a demographic to concentrate on. Listing factors like industry, age, gender, etc. will help determine that demographic.

Set Goals — What tangible benefits should marketing achieve? Having goals will aid in assessing the success of marketing efforts.

Set Strategies & Tactics — Develop a timetable for employing marketing tactics for maximum efficacy and benefit.

Set a Budget — Calculate how much can be spent to achieve marketing goals; budget accordingly.

2. Develop a Personal Brand

For salespeople, setting themselves apart from the pack is critical in gaining attention and building a following. This is where the idea of building a personal brand comes into play:

Choose the Right Platforms – Platforms such as facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites are ideal for promoting a personal brand. Choose up to three platforms to begin. Any more than three may prove too much to keep up with initially. Be sure the chosen platforms are where your target audience spends their time.

Define the Message — Building upon personal strengths and weaknesses, sales pros should determine their area of expertise, expand upon their knowledge in this area and use it to establish themselves as an authority.

Share the Knowledge — Through writing articles, posting videos and the like, sales pros build an audience that’s in tune with their personal message.

Engage — Respond to comments and questions left on the main platform and through social media. Engagement helps build a community and encourages followers to come back for more.

Build Trust — Through valuable, accurate content, sales pros can build the level of trust that makes them an authority on their area of expertise.

Be Unique — Personal branding efforts should take care not to follow the mold to the letter. Venturing to uncharted territory is key to gaining a dedicated audience.

Create a Persona — This goes in hand with becoming unique. A personal brand persona may be humorous, serious or anything in between. It will also help in targeting the core demographic.

Use Social Media to Broadcast Persona — Social media channels shouldn’t be all marketing efforts. Adding a touch of the brand persona — the individual behind the content — lends authenticity to the message.

Be Seen — An online presence is important, but making connections in person is also necessary to give the personal brand persona weight.

Be Accessible — Once the authority position is established, individuals will reach out for advice and guidance. Here, sales pros can shine by providing actionable advice or accurate information to whoever is asking.

Employ Two-Way Networking — When making connections, concentrate on making the relationship mutually beneficial to improve the chances of securing more opportunities in the future.

Keep Track of Contacts — Through being seen and networking, sales pros build a list of individuals they’ve come in contact with. That list should be detailed, showing who these relationships are and how they might help with furthering the personal brand.

Be Charitable — Using the personal brand to give back to charitable causes helps to increase its profile and highlight the brand’s values.

Assess Performance & Adjust — Have the personal branding efforts hit key goals and stayed within budget? If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

Persevere — Personal brand building takes time, but can only be achieved through sustained effort. Continuing to work at it every day is critical to success.

3. Incorporate Technology

Technology can help speed marketing efforts by automating certain processes and improving the quality of marketing materials:

Enhance Photographs — Sharing photographs is a must for sales pros trying to enhance their personal brand. Technology like that included in the more recent smartphones allows them to quickly snap and edit shots that appear professional.

Automate Where Possible — Automation helps save time on repetitive processes. Tools like Buffer let pros schedule posts for optimum reach.

Refine SEO Efforts — SEO remains one of the best ways to gain a following through search engines. There’s a long list of tools and strategies designed to improve SEO for various platforms.

Get into Analytics — Analytics provide an idea of who social media efforts are reaching and how effective they might be. Analytical tools offer a way to glean insights from the raw numbers.

Test the Waters for a Personal App — Perhaps the greatest personal branding step, distilling the essence of the brand into a new app can help further reach and enhance messaging efforts.

May the (Sales-as-a-Service) Force Be with You

May the (Sales-as-a-Service) Force Be with You

Swarmsales is the 21st century sales platform designed to bring top sales professionals together with businesses that realize the importance of performance goals and cost-efficient growth. Whether your business is a startup or an existing business that is underperforming and not living up to its full potential, Swarmsales could well be the first real solution to lagging sales and that underperforming growth.

Sales professionals on the Swarmsales marketplace are motivated because they can pair their contacts with decision makers to work in a four-step selling structure that leads to earnings every step of the way and to solid commissions when deals are closed. Under this program, the business pays the sales professional a milestone payout when each of four milestones is completed. When a final contract is signed, a commission is paid out as well.

The four milestones are:
• Introduction
• Demo
• Pilot
• Close

Why Swarmsales Works

Swarmsales works because all parties win with a good sales effort that moves faster and begins with trusted contacts. The selling company wins because this is the most cost-efficient way to create more sales and grow their business. The salesperson wins because their earning potential is unlimited and they make more commission from existing contacts. If they are a true sales professional, this is the way they want to work; receiving pay for each milestone and a solid commission when the deal is made.

Professional salespersons build expansive networks. The most successful salespeople are talking, listening and exchanging contact information at every opportunity. With Swarmsales, every contact in the salesperson’s network is now a potential sale. The sales professional can represent numerous products across numerous industries. Any contact in the network can lead to a sale and each time the salesperson completes an introduction, performs a demo, sets up a pilot and closes a deal, money is earned. If the sales professional does not perform, the hiring company bears no expense. Let that sink in for a moment; no recruiting, training, or waiting for ramp up while you’re paying salaries.

This is the perfect structure for the successful, motivated salesperson. If Swarmsales sales professionals produce, their earnings potential is unlimited. And they benefit from diverse product lines that can open doors to more and more decision makers. This is sales professional heaven! That is why Swarmsales works. Everybody wins. Businesses grow when salespeople meet their milestones and close sales. Sales professionals win when they introduce and sell products to buyers. Sales professionals have no earning caps. The more they sell, the more they earn.

Sales and the Business Model

Every business has a business model. Great products are the essence of business but without sales, even companies with the greatest products will fail. Sales campaigns succeed when good products, solid marketing strategies, and experienced sales professionals come together.

When businesses are going well, we are busy and can stray from our business model. With Swarmsales, the company’s sales campaign is around the clock, around the globe and always advancing. Sure, marketing is a big plus, but without closers, deals do not get made. The sales professional who knows how to introduce your brand and your products, can demo your product to perfection, and can execute the perfect pilot will close sales. They will do all this and make a good living in the process. That is what Swarmsales’ global sales professionals do every day.

With this type of sales marketplace, the entrepreneur can plan effective marketing to support professional salespeople that know how to get products out of the shop and to consumers. Once you join Swarmsales, your business model will come to life because your company will be hitting on all cylinders. Sales will come through the door every day. Production will be moving, goods will be shipping and your employees will buzz with activity. Your business model will be performing and growth will be real.

Swarmsales Means Opportunities for Sales Professionals

If you are a sales professional, Swarmsales is the opportunity you dream about. You are your own boss. You work whenever you want and have a broad number of products to sell. Every lead is a potential buyer. Every time you introduce a company and its products to a decision maker, you earn a fee. Every time you demo a product or product line, you earn money. Every time you get a buyer to try a product for a period of time through a pilot program, you earn a fee. And, every time you close a deal you make a commission.

As an independent Swarmsales professional, you have the freedom you want, products you can sell and unlimited earning potential. This is one exciting sales platform with all the support you need to keep making new and repeat sales. Your earning potential is as vast as your work ethic allows.

Keep expanding your contact list, exchanging information and farming your territories but wherever you are, you are likely to have a product in your inventory that someone wants to buy. Introduce it. Demo it! Create a pilot program and close the deal. Then, watch the money roll in as you and the business owner toast your success. Did you ever believe such a diverse sales job could come your way? Wherever you reside or wherever your sales territory is located, Swarmsales should be your first call today!

Whether you are an existing business owner, a startup owner or a professional salesperson, learn why Swarmsales is the most effective way to grow a business through sales in the 21st century. This is truly an ingenious way to prosper. Seize the opportunity today!

Article Published by Patricia Johnston from Newzlet for Swarmsales, Inc.