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3 Reasons Your Sales Revenue is Down

Microsoft’s 2017 Fiscal Year revenue was $24.7 billion and yet, it was spending too much to make sales happen. Their sales revenue was taking hits they could no longer absorb. Microsoft failed to create a sales strategy that was aligned with the recent changes in sales. There are now longer sales cycles, more people are needed to close a deal, and a growing complexity of customer needs. A successful sales strategy is one that has adapted to the changes in sales. Companies must...

How Jim Meyer Leverages Sales-as-a-Service to Monetize Existing Relationships

I started perusing the different types of solutions that you were offering. For me it was really kind of an easy starting point because you take a look at who your customers are today, who your contacts are, and you can sort of marry different types of solutions that would be beneficial or up-sell to those types of organizations you're already dealing with.

Selling in the Gig Economy

The gig economy changes almost everything about sales. It has created the opportunity for a sales-as-a-service marketplace like Swarmsales to disrupt the entire industry. A sales-as-a-service marketplace allows companies to find experienced and vetted independent sales professionals with pre-existing relationships at target accounts.

Discovering Solutions to Sell on Swarmsales

One of the most challenging thing sales professionals face when first getting onto the Swarmsales platform is learning about all the companies and their products in order to determine what to sell. With over 100 active companies on the platform, this can become a truly daunting task. Here are some main features on the platform … Continue reading Discovering Solutions to Sell on Swarmsales

Anatomy of a $100,000 Deal on Swarmsales

This week, Jim Meyer, a sales professional on the Swarmsales platform, closed a deal that will end its first contract year as high as $250,000. Meyer will earn not only the milestone payments he made during the sales cycle, but the $100,000-deal commissions and ongoing commissions as revenue is reported on the deal each month. … Continue reading Anatomy of a $100,000 Deal on Swarmsales