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How Jim Meyer Leverages Sales-as-a-Service to Monetize Existing Relationships

I started perusing the different types of solutions that you were offering. For me it was really kind of an easy starting point because you take a look at who your customers are today, who your contacts are, and you can sort of marry different types of solutions that would be beneficial or up-sell to those types of organizations you're already dealing with.

Selling in the Gig Economy

The gig economy changes almost everything about sales. It has created the opportunity for a sales-as-a-service marketplace like Swarmsales to disrupt the entire industry. A sales-as-a-service marketplace allows companies to find experienced and vetted independent sales professionals with pre-existing relationships at target accounts.

Anatomy of a $100,000 Deal on Swarmsales

This week, Jim Meyer, a sales professional on the Swarmsales platform, closed a deal that will end its first contract year as high as $250,000. Meyer will earn not only the milestone payments he made during the sales cycle, but the $100,000-deal commissions and ongoing commissions as revenue is reported on the deal each month. … Continue reading Anatomy of a $100,000 Deal on Swarmsales

Why Sales Is Broken

We're saying it: Sales is broken. That might be a bold statement to make, but we know it to be true. Here's what we found; in 2014, approximately 3,500 newly funded companies entered the market. In 2015, that number increased substantially with the entrance of approximately 4,300 new companies in the market. 2016's numbers are … Continue reading Why Sales Is Broken